Getting Help Now

If you’re looking for a Crisis Line in Canada, please find one near you at

They will help with more than suicide. If you’re wondering about whether to call, CALL.

If you’re looking for trauma counselling in Canada, you can use our searchable resource.

Searchable Resource Goes Here

Finding the right trauma counsellor for you can be difficult. There are many things to consider:

  • Location – what is available in your area?
  • Confidentiality – due to stigma, healthcare workers can be aware of the need not to be seen accessing care.
  • Cost – is the service covered? Is there direct-billing?
  • There are many other searchable websites, but none are comprehensive.

We have attempted to source links to accredited healthcare providers across Canada – starting with the most common searchable databases.

Our searchable resource will potentially be built on the Clinia API and can feature a user submission function so the resource will build.


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